Platanias Train

Train in Platanias, Crete, Greece

  • Little Fun Train

    The Little Fun Train in Platanias, Crete, Greece takes you on a fantastic and adventurous ride on Nature's Trail to discover Crete's hidden treasures by train. Tours include the pleasures of Crete including tiny little villages, small fishing boats and fishermen, Byzantine Monastries combined with olive oil and wine tasting in a local distillery, there's also the Blue Lagoon tour of pure nature and natural wildlife, picturesque scenery, majestic villages and history. The Little Fun Train also offers many other wonderful tour choices, with hidden treasures including the Grand Canyon, Southern Comfort, Seven Villages, Western Adventure, Moonlight Express and Orange Valley, they also offer a tour to Crete's largest water park with fun for all ages, let the adventures begin.

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